Posted Tuesday, December 6, 2011 02:57 PM
Some of you have read this -
Still on Thanksgiving and Teachers—for me a very touching story—here goes
The news says US flew 180,000 lbs of turkey to Afghanistan for the thanksgiving dinner for the troops.
It is A US tradition to thank others at the thanksgiving Dinner.
Many years ago me and Mukesh (from south Africa) were studying in Bhavan’s Bombay and to our great surprise we found out that Mr Mohite was working in the Garden Nursery in the college. He was a proud man and although he never lost it ,you could see life was chipping away at his pride(in those days it was like  working as a glorified ‘mali’ or a gardener) . It was obvious that finances played a big part.
Mukesh thought why should we eat food in the college ‘mess’ (we call cafeteria) when we can perhaps ask Mrs Mohite to cook for us and send in a tiifin- thereby make some money for their family.
Everyone agreed and along with five other friends,we asked Mrs Mohite to cook for us. We got our Tiffin’s  delivered by his son and  perhaps on difficult  occasions, by Mr Mohite himself on his bicycle.He also made sure and asked us frequently about the foods quality and quantity and the students were always satisfied with it.
Then one day they invited us seven to have dinner at their place.
Seven of us went to Andheri West suburb of Bombay. We notice a small table and a couple of folding chairs outside the ground floor apartment .At 18 your brain is not as mature to figure out things so we had brief moment where we thought how do seven fit in two chairs? Anyway we go further and see that Mr Mohite and his family lived in a one room place. For us, they had removed their belongings outside the apartment so we seven could sit on the floor. ( for those who don’t understand this-to them this dinner was so important that they must have mulled over many  scenarios to make it the best presentable place for us—and the only way they could do it is to take out the little furniture they had and save the room for us)
As I said before Mr Mohite came from proud generation of military maharastrian  breed. He was gracious host and made us comfortable. We kids were mainly interested in the food as it smelled delicious —can’t hide the flavors in a one bed room apartment
We all sat on the floor cross legged (which we are not that accustomed to this day) and had one my best Mutton curry—ever. You could feel and sense that Mrs Mohite had eked a little extra money to make this delicious meal to thank us helping them thru a rough time.
This lady had had put her heart and soul in that dinner to thank us.
 Little did she know that I would thank her for that dinner 40 yrs later?
Ashok Patel MD