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12/27/11 02:01 PM #22    


Ashok K Patel

Hello Pankaj and friends

Happy Holidays.

Nice write up about all the old days. Everyone had an impression of Essie Matthew-- rumors has it that she is in Australia-- Ask Simon -- he knows the last update. Never saw her after I left school. I think she’s not that keen to talk to us- again that’s hearsay.

For me-Having some computer issues- spilled water on the lap top-- the substitute is a learning curve.

More updates for this site to come.

For those who attend the reunion( AND ONLY WHO ATTEND ) we should have a unique name-- my suggestions- we should call ourselves -PHANTOMS ( based on what we called Talpade ) or Rambo or Hurricanes or  Taklus or whatever  -its a democratic process - we need suggestions for our name(Bhavanites it too global).

Also we need to pick colors for our soccer match Jerseys--that’s a soccer match between Phantoms (or any other name) vs Bhavns 11. Need everyone to pitch in.

Other issues-- we want to try to give awards for this year for things that you think would be positive in some way for the students- My suggestion is for the an award(1 st 2nd and 3 rd) for best handwriting. We need more suggestions - perhaps other parts of academic or extra curricular activities--or anything that you think is good for the kids.

Keep your ideas flowing and please communicate.write a line here or anywhere.

Ashok K Patel

12/28/11 08:50 AM #23    


Dilip G Patel


12/29/11 11:44 AM #24    


Ashok K Patel

This is from one of us. Please respond

Hi Ashok,

You have been the most prolific in writing mails and also in motivating others guys to attend the reunion. The analogy of the reunion and the first kiss is also well stated, but hey, I wish to express my views on a couple of things. We probably never met in school as I am from xxxx batch, but I take the liberty of some plain speak which is only possible with a genuine well wisher.
Mandating a dress code for a couple of ceremonies, and that too a suit does not seem proper. Many of us including yourself maybe residing in Europe / USA where a suit is the de facto formal wear except for guys like Steve Jobs who was always seen with his trademark turtle neck and jeans whatever the occasion may be. Well, we guys are no Steve Jobs but I presume all of us have our idiosyncrasies. One never knows but there might be a few amongst us who have ventured into some creative field, social work, etc. where it is a norm to find people donning khadi churidar kurtas. Over a period of time this has become their dress code & they don't wear anything else but this. Or probably guys who have self imposed a dress code for themselves.
It is also possible that some of us refuse to subscribe to the concept of wearing a tie. You will meet several people here who call a tie a noose around the neck and take it as a sign of colonialism. I agree that the world is flat, etc., etc. and a guy in Vadodara does not dress differently from a guy in NY,  but these are widely prevalent views. 
I hope you agree with me that a reunion of old friends is only about refreshing and cherishing those memories and also accepting each other the way we presently are. No pretense, no superficialities, no vanities. 
Imposing codes and conditions will only deter some from being a part of the reunion, unless of course it meant to be an exclusive affair the way the British used to have "whites only" clubs.
Warm Regards

12/30/11 05:01 AM #25    


Dilip G Patel

Well said Mr xxxx dress code is just a remembrance of our school days when we had a certain dress to wear on a certain occasion and if you have dress code (maybe without a TIE) you might refresh your old memories of looking the same when you attended the school, so in my opinion looking the same when you go back to your school where you studied is not a bad idea. You are re visiting the school memories.

Hey guys great have the spell check now many thanks.



12/30/11 07:08 AM #26    


Nitin J Patel

See the class photographs on this site and notice the dress code -

As I am in Uk at the moment I got an opportunity to meet up with Suman M Patel - and as would be expected passions were high in anticipation of the reunion.

Suman is working with Harrow school - (Ex school  - Pandit Nehruji) - to arrange a twinning with Bhavans VMP school. Suman and Dilip are working on how to get VMPS to respond.

We also considered option for a LONGER TERM LEGACY - possible options were to have a Bursary / scholarship set up by us all - a potential collection target would be 5 Lakh INR.

The aim would be to have a Capital sum of 5,00,000 INR and interest from this would provide funding for one student.

The sponsored student would most likely be from an underprivileged background, but has demonstrated substantial skills to be considered for this sponsorship. 

Please see the workings below - and DO NOTE that this is not obligatory.

And at this stage this is only a suggestion open for discussion



usd 500000 53 $9,434 $943 $858 $786 $726 $674 $629 $590 $555 $524 $497 $472
gbp 500000 81.9 GBP 6,105 GBP 611 GBP 555 GBP 509 GBP 470 GBP 436 GBP 407 GBP 382 GBP 359 GBP 339 GBP 321 GBP 305

12/31/11 03:03 AM #27    

Dilip K Shah

Dear Suman , Nitin and Ashok

Tariff for Royal Orchid specially worked out for Bhavanites (as the Promoter is an ex Bhavans) Rs.4500/-  for Double Occupancy and for suite room Rs.7500/-. Taxes extra @11.5%.

Kindly infrom all, I am presently booking 3 delux rooms and ond suite room as per above tariff.

Let me have your confirmation,

With regard to twining will revert on Monday as Principal is travelling.

Please let me know if anything else has to be done,

Dinner at my farm on Sunday 19th is confirmed.



01/01/12 08:24 AM #28    

Pankaj K Patel

I have just got back to Oz and was keen to get on to the website and see what has been written about the reunion. I think the anonymous 'xxxx' has made a valid point about dress codes. If I may be permitted to offer a view point, it is that first and foremost we all evolved from the same 'banyan tree', Bhavans, and that is what we are. Gautam Buddha got his inspiration from meditating under a banyan tree, which is supposedly have resulted in Buddhism (please correct me if I am wrong). That was thousands of years ago, but if one looks around, Buddhism has spread to many countries, embraced by people of many co ours and creed. Not all of them are dressed like Buddhist monks, yet they practice the ethos and practice of Buddhism. Will we not be be Bhavanites, if we dress differently? I don't think so.

We do need to visit the core of why we are having this reunion. It is to pay our respects to the alma mater which all of us cherish and wish to remember our halcyon days while studying there. The 'mater' does not care how it's offspring dresses or looks like, nor what they do. All will be embraced with equal affection. Looking at the various locations we are situated in, it is inevitable that we have evolved over 40 years or so into our respective environments, dress codes, cultures, values of life, etc. I am sure our offsprings do not share the same values as we do. That is not a slur or them, but a matter of natural evolution. I truly admire 'xxxx' for putting up a contrary opinion. I am sure while reminiscing about old times during the reunion, we will be exchanging our experiences and adventures during the intervening 40 years. Free Debate and dialogue are some of the cornerstones of democracy.

It seems that I am the only one flying the Bhavans flag Down Under, unless someone else turns up. After Uday's first call and subsequent meetings, I felt quite isolated. Nevertheless, one can't complain about such issues.

I won't be able to make it to the reunion, but will be there in soul with all of you. I am sure it is going to be a blast. I do hope that we can do it again in the near future before all of us become too long in the tooth to travel!!!



01/02/12 05:45 PM #29    

Pankaj K Patel


I think that setting up a corpus fund to set up a bursary for a deserving, not so privileged student is an excellent idea.  I, for one will be game to pledge the set amount as per the formula you have set up.  Can I take this opportunity to pose a few thoughts, as follows:

  • I suppose that the corpus fund will have a banking account in India (as interest rates in the rest of the world are next to nothing!!!).  I suggest a NRE account set up, which should attract anywhere between 8.25-9%/annum.  We could also look at setting up an Indian rupee account which can be managed by one of our colleagues based in Baroda, say Dilip Shah;
  • The most vexing issue about this is who selects 'a deserving candidate', and what are the selection criteria.  If we are the 'funding agency', then we must have the final say in the selection, with the Principal also involved, to ensure the 'candidate' does get admitted (should that be a new student to the school).  I personally don't think it prudent to provide a bursary to a 'deserving candidate' from current students as they pretty well have worked out their finances.  I am sure our Baroda based colleagues will have some ideas about where and how to look for a 'deserving candidate'.  A selection committee of four people should be set up with the Principal being one member;
  • My personal opinion (others could differ) is that we provide a bursary to a student from Year 8 onwards.  The rationale being it would provide that student maximum educational benefits, as he/she would be at an age which is appreciative/receptive of and benefit from the all-round benefits the school provides.  I for one, would like to see an enlightened, all-round student, and most importantly, a responsible citizen graduate from the school. The other reason for picking a student from Year 8 onwards is that it gives a five year rotation for the bursary.

I think this is enough from me at this time.  I am sure others would have further thoughts about this.

An excellent idea which deserves the support from all of us.  Good on you Nitin and Suman for bringing this up.



01/02/12 11:36 PM #30    

Dilip K Shah

Dear All,

I have to extend one more invitation to all my dear school buddies  to my office which we have just moved into.

Uday has already come would like to invite all  may be one of the afternoons for a cup of coffee.



01/04/12 12:38 AM #31    

Dilip K Shah

Dear Bhavanites Family, 

  Sub :  Formal Bhavanites Reunion Programme - February 2012 - City Of Vadodara           from 16th to 19th

February, 2012

With reference to above, I had a detailed discussion with all concerned and the Programme  is fixed as under:

  16.02.2012 ( Thursday) Dinner at Havmor confirmed with Mr.  Pradeep Chona Time : 8.00 PM onwards

  17.02.2012 (Friday) All of us have to reach Bhavan’s  at 8 A.M. sharp  for the Assembly, followed by : (a)   Meeting with Senior Staff Members and also to discuss about the Project which  we as ex-students can support. (b)  Regarding Twinning of  Bhavan’s  School with Harrow  Public School, followed  by lunch at Bhavan’s. 

  18.02.2011 (Saturday) Investiture Ceremony will start at 6.00 PM Sharp and, hence, all of us have to be at Bhavan’s around 5.30 PM.  This will be followed by dinner.

19.02.2012 (Sunday) The Programme  stands same as mentioned earlier. Dinner  at my Farm - 7.30 P.M. onwards.

Also please note that The Principal of Bhavan’s  is preparing a presentation for the Twinning, which will be ready by Saturday and I will mail the same to you by Monday,  Hope the above is O.K.

  With warm regards, 

Dilip  Shah

01/04/12 06:41 AM #32    


Dilip G Patel

 D K Shah inviting only for Tea I hope there are some nibbles with TEA as I do not drink TEA on its own. Well will see you well before the reunion day as I am in Vadodara on the 30th January. Regards to all the family. 

01/05/12 09:26 AM #33    

Dilip K Shah

Welcome Mr. Dilpa!! Hope you have the time? Also you can witness or run the Vadodara Marathon on 5th, we organise this event every year.


01/05/12 11:52 AM #34    


Dilip G Patel

Run no way but can try and come to support.

01/05/12 01:58 PM #35    


Ashok K Patel

Hola Guys,

Good to see some activity on the board.

I still need input into some details. I want to know if we should give awards for achivements to students

My choice is for Best handwriting

Others may  suggest other awards--it may not cost any money but a certificate of achivemant goes a long way.

that reminds me-- should we get Graduation certificates--because i dont remeber ever hving my graduating ceremony for us first batchers.

It also looks like there is not much interest in having a group identity name for the ones who show up at the reunion - my choice is THE PHANTOMS but hey it should be a group choice.( only 3 answers on the poll).Meanwhile we are Bhavanites?

Scholarship - I think Pankaj has a good point-- starting the student in 8 th grade has the  best of both worlds. More student maturity and less years and perhaps we can sponser 2 kids?

I hear that people dont want to part with their money to give to school- I think its a noble to give back something for what we got from the school.

It also appears that the further away we are from school the more paasionate we get about it.


Ashok Patel



01/14/12 07:59 AM #36    


Dilip G Patel

Seems it has gone quite come guys post some news tried to contact Suresh M Patel but no Luck left a message and text to his brother Dilip M Patel but no response, so sorry guys lookinf forward to the 3 day event.  regards  dilip g

01/14/12 08:06 AM #37    


Dilip G Patel

Hi Guys HAPPY UTRAN DAY to all wish was in India to enjoy the day as last year. All the very best to all.  Dilip G

01/16/12 04:44 AM #38    


Dilip G Patel

Hi AK very good intro video for new people to register like the starting better with Eesie Matthews 

with kind regards


01/16/12 09:00 AM #39    


Ashok K Patel


Thanks for your comment on the video.It took some bribing --Rupa wasnt too convinced it was a good idea- but at least she wore the mask for a few mins

. Its poor quality-she says, but hey it gets the point across.


01/21/12 11:27 PM #40    

Dhruv Patel

Hi Guys,

Anyone carring a computor with SKYPE ? Let me know a skype user name. May be will try call at some time.


01/23/12 08:52 AM #41    


Nitin J Patel

my skype name is:


01/24/12 02:24 PM #42    


Ashok K Patel

Hello Folks

It sure looks like people are getting involved.

New agendas are coming in

Uday has brought up suggestion of giving awards for talents in music, I had suggested we also have handwriting compitition.

we are looking for more suggestions-- anything you can think of-- to help us give out awards to current students.

any interest in a sport event -- i asked my wife- she said she will play volleyball and soccer- so we have two players already!  - come on guys-- we only need 4 more to play volleyball. Some activity is always good for your body and mind



02/01/12 09:30 AM #43    


Nitin J Patel

15 days to touchdown....

I think we need to start getting final figures in place - I see from this site 33 have accepted to attend - that make appx - 66 heads.

I suggest that we plan for 70 heads - some late minute additions and regrets.

Anyone who need to finalize  - DO SO NOW - This will minimize last minute logistic issues.


02/02/12 01:24 PM #44    


Ashok K Patel

Hi All,

Someone contacted me and informed me that he is coming , but wants to SURPRISE others.

So we can count on one additional person. we can call him James Bond?

Galloping to the finish line


02/03/12 08:38 AM #45    


Nitin J Patel

James Bond and shy to come open - or being sly - this person has been telling others as well that he is coming and wants to keep it as a surprise !!!

02/03/12 08:56 AM #46    


Nitin J Patel

Just been going through the photographs - I tell you for me its going to be a massive guessing game as to what name to put to what face??

Can we have name tags ....for the event ??

Is it too much to request or would we prefer going through the fun and embarrassment of guessing and getting it wrong ...!!!   angry

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