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02/06/12 11:19 AM #47    

Nishil Shah (Student)

hello everyone.

so what sport would you like to play: football, cricket or volleyball?

02/06/12 11:57 AM #48    


Nitin J Patel


So are you a current student at the school?

What year?

How is it going to be played? Ex students v/s Current students?

You guys will need a good umpire / refree - and I suppose I can do that job well..

02/07/12 10:57 AM #49    

Nishil Shah (Student)

yeah i am a student of class 11 and we are planning to have a match of whichever sport you people tell.

and its definately gonna be ex students v/s the current students and the umpire! we will arrange. and each one of you have to play cause i guess you maybe playing after 40 years!! so dont loose this oppurtunity!! :)

02/08/12 11:30 PM #50    


Sandeep Bhagat

To All folks visiting the Reunion & those not too,

I really wish I was able to attend this memorable moment!!!

I am sure this will be a Great Success & that you all will have a blast.

At least we have jogged our memories - have remembered old friends - have found contact addresses/email.

I hope we use this powerful tool in future whenever we travel in each other's vicinity and try to keep in touch.

-Sandeep & Archana Bhagat

Chicago - USA

02/10/12 03:01 AM #51    


Nitin J Patel


I am throwing in the Gauntlet


 We challenge the current students @ a round of Golf wink

If you give don't accept this than as a fallback we will take you on at Volley Ball - Our rules and our referee - as you have rejected our 1st challenge.

And get your lot ready - we have some crackers in store for you.


02/10/12 04:09 AM #52    


Rajesh M Patel

Gents & Students,


Golf it should be!! As we, ex-Bhavanites, would clear the board in all the other games!! Can a round be arranged or is it too late??? If not, Volley ball it is!!


02/11/12 07:47 AM #53    


Ashok K Patel

Hello Guys,

We finallly may have a team to play Volley Ball -- missing one or two players.

I am sure some of the spouses will pitch in. And it sure would fun - win or loose.



02/13/12 02:11 AM #54    

Pankaj K Patel


To all of you who are going to make it down to the 'school'- have the best of time as God knows if such a moment will come again. I feel very jealous about all of you going, but that's life. We can't always get what we wish for. I am pretty sure Nitin is right, that it will be difficult to place a name against our 'old and ragged faces', mind you, I would say, quite distinguished!!!!

All the best guys.



02/13/12 01:04 PM #55    


Dilip G Patel

Well m in bdq and looking forward to ru already had a small ru at anuj pat's farmhouse and had a great evening thanks anuj for the last minute program

02/13/12 09:51 PM #56    

Dilip K Shah

Dear all, Pradip Chonaa has. Planned a lovely spread for the dinner at Havmor on 16th. I have put all pressure on him to be with us .    Can't wait!!  Regards Dilip

02/14/12 05:56 AM #57    


Nitin J Patel

Great look forward to meeting you guys - I see that the fun has already started....

02/27/12 07:33 AM #58    


Dilip G Patel


Hi All,

Had a great time at the Bhavans 1970 Reunion, it was great to meet young/old mates after a long time. I think those who could not make have a missed a lot.

Thanks once again to RUPA without whom this reunion wouldn’t have been possible. All the very best to all the one's I met at the Reunion and looking forward to the next one?????.


02/29/12 10:50 AM #59    


Sandeep Bhagat

Hello All who attended - really anxious to hear stories - see pictures.

I am sure this was memorable.

-Sandeep Bhagat

03/01/12 02:46 AM #60    

Anuj Patel

smileyphoto albums

dear guys

 i have seen a website in usa which is called which is basically a coffee  table album  producer

 as the photo cds circulated by rohit is very bulky , out of sheer lack of time we may never  see it often , or take the trouble to show to our families of friends

 i suggest   some one in usa use theis service to make a coffee table album

 alternatively similiar service is also avaible in baroda , though it is not on line we can still get similiar  job done

 need your comments


03/03/12 03:36 AM #61    

Anuj Patel

dear guys

 sorry the website is

 waiting to see yr comments


03/03/12 07:05 AM #62    


Ashok K Patel

Hi Anuj,

I am posting some of the pics. we have a  lot of space on website to post it

I am just trying to figure out the correct place. It loaded under my pics -in new pics



03/04/12 01:40 PM #63    

Dhruv Patel

Hi Guys,

Must have all returned  home. Had a hard time for a few days as missed all of you. Had the best time of my life. Time went fast. Thank all the guys who put in such an effort to make this a success. Please get active on the blog. 


03/08/12 06:40 PM #64    


Rajesh M Patel

Hi Gents,

What an excellent reunion!! Superbly organised by all the guys - Uday, Rohit, Dilip K, Nitin, Ashok to name a few. James Bond aka Dhruv - great surprise!!! Tons of laughter & memories came flooding back. Jitu, Sanat, Subhash, Hitesh, Mukesh, Rajendra - thanks for inviting us & making us all feel at home. Devi enjoyed the whole experience after all the initial apprehension!!! The late nights were intense, fun, revealing, EM, debates & a few drinks surely kept the Hotel Orchid awake as well. I'll post some photos later. Got back exhausted after a whirlwind 7 days & back into the day to day rut!!! Looking forward to a Caribbean Cruise reunion!!!


04/10/12 07:27 AM #65    


Dilip G Patel

Hi Guys

Sorry got back on the 29 February and was busy with catch up time with clients and the my Nephews Wedding and now my son Dilesh's wedding on the 7th May.  Had a great time at the REUNION, well organised and well attended,  maybe more people at the next one in SA. All the very best to all.


Warm regards




08/30/12 03:53 PM #66    


Ashok K Patel

yes this is the place to have a discussion


08/09/14 10:27 AM #67    

Prakash I Patel

hi hariya (harish amin)

                happy birhday.many many blessings

loving friend

prakash patel

08/11/14 02:34 AM #68    

Anuj Patel


 dear harish

 belated happy b day



06/22/15 06:39 AM #69    


Nitin J Patel


It's been some time. Any progress or possibility of another get to gather?I suppose that we all have progressed over the last few years.







06/23/15 02:07 PM #70    


Rajesh M Patel

I'm all ready to go..... Just say the word.... where and when & with whom !!!


12/17/16 09:48 AM #71    

Kirti I Patel

Hey guys any reunin planned in the near future?


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